We here at the Bears Den offer Shamanic healing .

By empowering you.,  offering Soul retrieval ,or removing those Negative energys you have.


Ask yourself  

Do you have

low energy

Lack of Purpose

lack of self esteem

have sense of loss

Misfortune or a sense of not belonging .

Depression or Illness

Or Things just getting a little out of Hand . Just feel you are no longer in control of your own life .

Maybe we here at the Bears Den can help


Pat  is a trained Shamanic Practitioner with Many years of experience.

We can help you begin to take control of your Life .help you find a purpose and begin to Live once more . Through the methods of Shamanic healing .


Shamanic healing is the oldest form of spiritual practice and healing.

We can lose our own power through our disconnection with the reality , our disconnection with the Natural and spiritual world .

If we lose our own personal power we experience power loss which

can result in Illness, loss of soul parts , loss of Power animals, loss of purpose , self esteem and thing can just get on top of you leading to illness or depression .


We can help you reconnect , build up and reclaim your power.  Help return loss soul parts .

Help remove those negative thought forms, such as anger, grief or other unresolved feelings that gnaw away at your consciousness causing negative intrusions in you mind and body. By releasing those Spiritual Intrusions or by spirit Extractions



• Soul Retrievals

• Power Animal & Spirit Guide reunion

• Spiritual Extraction

• Depossession

• Clearings: Land, home, office Etc.

• Illuminations - Clearing Imprints

• Ancestral Healing/ Family Imprints

• Shamanic Counselling


For consultation or to find out more contact Pat Dunnicliffe on 01332880984

Here at the Bears Den .