We  have opportunities for you to begin  shamanic work to help you with your own personal growth  and Healing .


Starting with


The Shamanic Journey . An introduction to shamanic practice . 


 Here we will look at the basics of Shamanism  and the Shamanic world view . The shamanic Cosmology consists of 3 worlds.,we will review these and their significance . Connecting with your spirit guides we will begin our journeys within these worlds . Journeying to the sound of the Drum we offer a safe environment in which to explore and develop your connection to journeying and your guides . Journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life.




Personal Power and You


This Workshop explores the Shamanic concept of power . We are all born with a certain amount pf power , this keeps us healthy and active . However we can begin to loose our power though everyday activities , being stressed , coping with difficult emotions and activities . If we do this we could find we have low energy , become sad ,  have lack of purpose.

Within this course we will look at how we loose power, how we can gain and maintain this power . The importance of using universal power in Shamanic work . It includes discussion on power and Practical exercises to help you obtain power for your Shamanic Work.



Introduction to the Medicine wheel

The Medicine Wheel represents all things connected within the circle of life.  

There are many directions in the medicine wheel but we will concentrate  on the basic 4 that represent life in specific stages;  The four directions, the four elements of life,  the four seasons, the four states of well being, the four colours of man and four stages of life.

Using the Medicine wheel can help us to Balance our life  to become a more whole person . It is  a mirror of reflection that helps you take responsibility for your life and help you use past events as a teaching and growth .



Plant spirt shamanism .


Here we will look at Plant spirit shamanism and Plant spirit allies . How we can bring these allies into our life ,how we can work with them and how thy can help you and others .

To access this workshop you will need to be experienced in Shamanic Journeying and  have a good  connection with your spirit guides




Shamanic Healing

This course will help you develop your techniques in shamanic healing,  .

Developing skills that will give you a deeper sense of connection with healing guides and  the spirit world.  Enhancing your power and resources..

Jean Douglas and Pat Dunnicliffe leading this course have studied with a variety of teachers will be bringing this knowledge to different sessions on the course.Over the three Days

Including : journeying for and with a client; healing ceremonies, dances and chants; soul loss and retrieval; diagnostic skills; using and losing power and empowerment; ethics and responsibilities; earth healing ; healing with plants. ......Dates to follow



Waking the spirit of your Drum

Designed to give a you a unity with your Drum whatever you use it for .

Each Drum has it s own spirit . Connecting with this spirit allows you both to work together .

This half day workshop shows you how to connect with the spirit of your drum allowing you to work  together as allies and more effectively.

Once the technique has been acquired it can be used  to Waking the spirits of other shamanic tools such as rattles, staffs, and ritual weapons.



These courses are avalable troughout the year . and dates will be added when they can be accessed . However we offer indivual  courses on request when able at simlar prices


For more infomation  please call Pat on 01332 880984


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